Our Policies

Hurst Home offers coverage on owner occupied homes, farm buildings, rental homes, modular dwellings and farming equipment.  Our policies are written on an Actual Cash Value basis.  We do not require you to insure your home for more than its value.  You won’t have the yearly increase in premium that goes along with the automatic raises in coverage that the policies of some other companies experience.

With Hurst Home you will pay for the coverage that “you” desire.  If you have garage or building you don’t want to insure, there is no cost.  If you want to insure barns, garages or outbuildings you are able to insure them for their Actual Cash Value.

We write a blanket coverage for farming implements.  This means that not every single piece of equipment has to be scheduled.  If you purchase a new piece of equipment, the item will automatically be covered against the perils insured by the policy up to the limit of the blanket farming implements coverage you previously agreed upon.

We offer the opportunity to purchase home and or farm liability in conjunction with you insuring your property with us.

You can insure your cattle against losses by theft, fire & lightning, attack by wild animals and other specified perils.  We also will insure your tobacco after it has been housed in the barn until it has been sold.

We offer various property coverage deductibles up to $1,000 dollars but also offer policies with a zero deductible.  This can be especially beneficial to the person who has property insured in counties where we are able to secure repair persons to fix your small claims at no cost or aggravation to you.

We are a small insurance Company and we are here to answer our customer’s calls whether it’s about a claim, a question about increasing coverage, or an explanation of coverage.

Please contact one of our agents to see what Hurst Home can offer you!  Or call us directly, we are here for you.